FBA Prep Pricing

Our affordable pricing structure is simple FBA Prep Service

Standard Size items:

$1 per item for all standard-size items (based on Amazon's size tiers)

    Sticker Removal
    Prep according to Amazon Guidelines
    Polybag (when required)
    Suffocation Warning on Polybag
    FNSKU Label
    Boxing for shipment to Amazon

Multipacks of the same standard-size ASIN are $0.75 for items 3-6.  

Bundles (multiple different items sold as one ASIN) priced starting at $1 per item in the bundle. 

Oversized items:

$1.50* per item for all Oversize Items (based on Amazon's size tiers)
Client will pay for bubblewrap, dunnage, and boxes required to prep the following items:

Items 18" or longer on longest side

Fragile items (Items needing to be bubble wrapped)

Individual items items weighing over 5 lbs.

*Items over 24" on the longest side, and items over 15 lbs. may be assessed a $5 per unit handling fee at our discretion.

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