Our affordable pricing structure is simple FBA Prep Service.

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        FBA Prep Service:

        Free, 14 days storage

        1-500 items $1 per item
        501-1000 items $0.85 per item
        1001-and more Call us
        Bundles or multipack
        $1.50 each (up to 6 items)
        More than 6 items in a bundle/multipack
        Call for pricing
        Inspection of items (no prep) 
        $0.65 per item

        FBM Prep Service*:

        1-500 $2.50
        501-1000 $2.25
        1001 and up $2.00

        FBA Removal Orders*:
        Per item Starting $1.50 per item.

        Online Arbitrage:

        Minimum quantity of 50 items

        50-500 items 1.50  per item
        501-1000 items $1.35 per item
        1001 and up Call/Email for quote

        Used Books:
        1 and + $2.50 per book

        Pallet (Size: 48"x40"x50") Single SKU $40 per month
        Pallet (Size 40"x48"x50") Multi SKU's $50 per month

        Per item (only for FBA and FBM clients) Starting $2.50

        Automated Labeling Service:

        Minimum quantity of 1000 items

        Round container labelling per item (bottles, cans, jars) Starting $0.12
        Flat surface labelling per item (lids, small boxes) Starting $0.12

        Other Services:
        Hourly rate $60 per hour
        $30.00  per pallet

        Unload container, 20 ft. $200.00

        Unload Container, 40 ft. $400.00
        Package forwarding $3.00 per carton


        Small box $1.75

        Medium Box $2.50
        Large Box $2.75

        Medium Bubble Wrap $0.25 per foot
        Large Bubble Wrap $0.35 per foot

        * - requires monthly storage plan